A day in the life of…….

A day in the life of our Office Manager; Yvonne

As dawn breaks, I drive my trustworthy mini; Barry (named after the sales guy) into the empty car park and make my way down the driveway, twinkle toes so as not to wake the neighbours; 7a.m. in the morning is not always a good time for everyone! I unlock the door and reset the alarm for the start of a brand-new day at Henwood Court.

First things first. Open all the roller blinds, switch the lights on, switch the main computers on for the scheduled client meetings ahead and flick the switch of the photocopier as I pass by jumping it into life. Now the important stuff, coffee machines……replenished and refuelled ready for the boss; Vicky, oops I meant Nick!!

Hoover, duster and Mr Sheen in hand. Quick whip round the offices to freshen the place up – with 17 bodies in our ever-growing team a refresh is always a good starting point.

Coffee/teacups out of the cupboard and duly loaded with the staff tipples for the first caffeine boost of the day or as in Lynette’s case; Peppermint Tea!!

Now to my own desk….PC springs into action….opening up the web /email / Prestwood/ Transact and all the various sites that I use on a daily basis

Check the calendars for the day – clients who are attending the office require a Car Park sign; we like all visitors to the Cruck Barn to feel welcome so seeing your name as you arrive into the car park makes you feel special, one day we might even have the sign lit up; your name in lights!!

Check my emails and delete/respond/forward/save as necessary, can take up a good part of the morning depending on how busy Nick has been during the night!!

Over to Prestwood to check my “To-Do’s”, little prompts to chase matters outstanding or better known to our clients as outstanding Actions!! One of my clients calls my chasers “Loving Guidance” others may call them a pain in the bum if I don’t chase, I wouldn’t be doing my job correctly so do forgive the nagging!!

As the day unfolds, coffee pots refuelled, and lunches prepared the hours soon fly by with 5p.m. fast approaching. Quick call to confirm tomorrows appointments and my shopping list in hand for the scheduled lunches the following day….I’m off home to put my feet up! Only joking, home to cook dinner, walk my two dogs and prepare the family lunches, all ready for tomorrow’s adventures! Sleep tight x

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