Our financial planning service

Financialsense® is a complete money concierge service for materially successful individuals who are often too busy working or living to manage their own financial affairs, or simply because matters have become too complex.

Financialsense® will:

Identify your life objectives and priorities.

Build your financial planning strategy with clarity, designed to ensure that all of your financial resources are fully mobilised to achieve these life objectives.

Be on your side, working for you and on your agenda - not ours.

Save you time (something you cannot get back) by taking things off your desk and to-do list.

Simplify your financial affairs and get you financially well organised.

Improve your financial performance (investment and tax optimisation, dealing with issues before they arise and maximising opportunities)

Help you to live life with greater financial confidence and peace of mind.

Help you make good informed decisions, but equally avoid the bad ones to prevent expensive mistakes.

Act as coach, counsel and critical friend; something we call "carefrontation" – that uncomfortable companion, your sounding board.

Having now successfully done this for a number of years, we are absolutely convinced that this approach is the only right way for materially successful people to organise and manage their financial affairs.

Our Value Guarantee – more for less
We pride ourselves of doing far more than just portfolio management and being ‘the pensions and/or the tax adviser’. Financialsense® is designed to provide more service for a lower cost than typical advisory/wealth management fees – that is our value guarantee.
To help you understand what’s really important to you, to identify your true objectives and to map out what your future good looks like, we’ll build you a Life Plan. This will help us ensure that your wealth is completely mobilised to achieve the life you want and partner with you to support you on your journey.
Comprehensive Financial Planning
Financial planning is the process of managing your wealth in accordance with the life you want to live – aligning your life goals with your financial plan. It ensures all your financial decisions and financial resources are focused on you achieving your life goals using sophisticated cash flow planning to help bring planning to life. It uses the Financialsense® Scorecard to audit your financial and legal position to identify any gaps in your planning.
Structured Reviews
Our reviews cover all areas of your financial affairs to ensure every element of your plan remains on track. This will simultaneously keep you focused; holding you accountable and you and your finances on track, and allow us to update the Financialsense® Scorecard.

Annual reviews held at our office, The Cruck Barn, with a bespoke detailed agenda give you the reassurance of meeting with your Financial Planner to revisit and discuss your financial plan, cashflow planning and investment strategy in the context of your current circumstances and life aspirations. As appropriate this can include lifestyle coaching and/or support and challenge in life planning. Any necessary adjustments to your plan can be discussed reflecting any changes in these.

We typically prefer to use our strategy known as Portfoliosense®, a proven, smarter, evidence-based approach to investing capital. It’s designed to deliver proactive investment management and long-term outperformance all at a low cost.

This includes behavioural finance support (stopping you making poor choices or expensive mistakes), quarterly commentaries and online and / or app valuations and reporting.

The Pension & Retirement Service
To ensure you can enjoy your ideal retirement lifestyle, we take advantage of the new freedoms and consider the complexities surrounding the Lifetime Allowance and Annual Allowance rules, State Pension Analysis and an assessment as appropriate of Defined Benefit Pensions; plus a Cash Deposit Sourcing service. We support you with advice and solutions in relation to your pre- or post-retirement financial strategy; and in helping you emotionally transition into retirement – to get your head out of work and into life.
Your Own Team
You will have your own dedicated team overseeing your strategic planning, to include a Financial Planner managing the technical aspects of your planning and reviewing your life plan,  and a Client Service Specialist ensuring your finances are organised and things get done in a timely fashion.

Your team are highly qualified, dedicated, experienced and proactive, each with complementary skills, working in partnership with you. They’ll be there to provide ongoing care personal to your needs and remove the hassles that managing your financial affairs can often bring. Your team will support you with adhoc queries and matters requiring more complex research and advice, and will be proactive in dealing with issues and opportunities as they arise.

Access to your own personal Portal via the Henwood Court App
You’ll have exclusive access to the Henwood Court App and Portal, providing a secure central filing system for all those important legal and financial documents that will transform the management of your financial affairs. This will bring organisation, simplification, information and communication all together at the touch of a button – maximising the use of technology for your benefit.
The Financial Information Service
We’ll send you regular and relevant financial commentary, as well as invitations to our financial and lifestyle workshops.
The Taxation & Estate Planning Service
Our tax optimisation and mitigation service will help ensure you only pay the taxes you are required to, ensure your estate planning is in order and transfer wealth to younger generations to mitigate Inheritance Tax.
The Professionals Service
We’ll happily work with your existing professional advisers or, where necessary, recommend a professional from our trusted alliance network.
Part of the Henwood Court Alliance
As a client of Henwood Court you will have access to our alliances of tried, tested and trusted contacts that provide a wide range of services such as reviewing your energy suppliers, executive coaching, media training, website creation, marketing, general insurance, mortgages, and much more. Many of these alliances provide cost savings to Henwood Court clients.
The Family Support Service*
Your dependents can access financial advice and support, and benefit from the reduced fees that the aggregating of portfolios can attract.  And when the time comes, you can be reassured that they will benefit from our Executor Probate Support service.
With full Businesssense® membership you not only receive access to the full suite of Businesssense® content including practical articles and webinars, but the opportunity to attend the invite-only Businesssense® Mastermind networking – a closed group of likeminded Business owners providing you access to a confidential support network and topical seminars.
Specialist Services*
As a client of Henwood Court you will also have access to the following specialist services.

  • Trust creation and management
  • Charitable giving/philanthropy
  • Business succession planning
  • Career and retirement counselling
  • Share option planning

*Additional fees may apply