Our approach is two-way. We’ll improve financial performance through our Financialsense® programme and also provide a low-cost, proven investment strategy, Portfoliosense®.

Our experience has enabled us to put the processes and structures in place that we know will work and produce results. This methodology is overlaid by our ability to ask searching questions, challenge your assumptions and actively listen. You’ll find we do much more than provide advice on tax savings and investments – we’ll also act as a coach, help with major decisions and be devoted to your and your family’s financial success.

1. Getting to know you
This is where we focus on getting to know you and what you really want to get out of life. Without knowing, we can’t hope to give you the right financial advice that’s in line with your hopes and ambitions. We’ll also take time to review your existing situation, considering your family, career, income, desired lifestyle and any regular commitments.
2. Your personal plan
We’ll then start to build your own personalised financial plan using lifetime cashflow modelling and assessing your risk profile. We’ll evaluate your existing investment and pension plans as well as consider tax strategies, estate planning matters and protection. We’ll then be able to show you the costs of your plan and what your future may look like.
3. Future gazing
This is the fun stage of the process where you are given the opportunity to predict and dissect your financial status and future outlook. It’s a highly interactive meeting where we’ll help you to focus on your priorities and agree a suitable way forward. We’ll look at various “what if?” scenarios to see what needs to happen to ensure your goals are achieved. using our cash flow modelling software.
4. Your plan in action
Now to put it in to practice. The financial goals and values you’ve shared with us will form the basis of your investment and wealth management plan, including clear strategies to make the vision a reality.
5. Ongoing relationship
But we don’t just leave it there. We believe successful financial planning and the achievement of your goals involves a long-term programme, combining professional advice and coaching. Throughout the year we’ll communicate relevant financial information, invite you to relevant workshops and networking events and you’ll have unlimited access to your team including your review meetings.