I am from a humble background and never thought I would find myself where I am today. My career started as an apprentice gas fitter and concluded as a director in the gas industry, and I still undertake some consultancy work. I enjoyed my working life, and it was good to me. I now feel fortunate in knowing that I am comfortable and need not worry about money issues.

When I first joined Henwood Court I used to read a lot about investing. As time has gone on, I have become more comfortable with Henwood Court; this convinced me that I can leave investment advice to them. This has provided me with more time to enjoy life and create memorable moments as I grow older. I have discovered that I do not want or need expensive items to create happiness.  As long as I know my family are happy and provided for, and I have my health to walk my dog twice a day, that is contentment for me.

Nick, Ed and the whole team at Henwood Court have given me the peace of mind and security to choose whether to work or not.

Chris Rinaldi

Regarding the future, I am not one of those people who sets goals or feels the need to. I seem to end up where I want to be, and if that is not a happy place, then I move on. To use a stepping stone analogy, if I step on a stone and it feels comfortable, safe and secure, I will stay with it; if it feels shaky, I move on. Despite my reluctance to set specific goals, the team at Henwood Court has helped me achieve financial security and guided me in lots of areas, such as pension and Inheritance Tax planning.

I have known Nick over 15 years. He is both very professional and personable at the same time; not at all pushy with his views. The whole team he has gathered around him appear to share the same ethos. They are friendly, approachable and responsive, even though some will only know me by name. That is what I really like. They know me as a person and do not make you feel like just another client, as some corporate firms may do.

To sum up, Henwood Court has helped me reach a position in life where I am financially comfortable. They have provided me with the confidence to leave them to manage my money, so I can get on and spend it and enjoy my life.