When we first started to consider retirement, we were aware that the change in our lives was going to be massive. Could we do it? Could we afford it? Could we afford to educate our university-age children? How are we going to manage? How are we going to live the life we want and not miss out on the retirement we want?

Going to see Nick at Henwood Court reassured us that we could. He showed us how we could make it happen and how he would help us. He was immediately someone we could trust. We often say to him after a meeting, “coming to see you Nick is like counselling.”

The first couple of meetings were quite emotional. Nick is a good listener, and that’s something you find across the team at Henwood Court; they listen. All the people we deal with make you feel like you’re the only person they deal with. They’re very individual in the way they handle your issues.

Ten years on, we’re in better financial shape than we were, even though we’ve done lots of lovely things in that time. Nick gave us the confidence to buy the house, go on holiday and buy a nice car, amongst other things. I don’t think we’d have had the courage, confidence or wherewithal otherwise.

Nick was immediately someone we could trust.

Malcolm and Cynthia Pollard

It’s nice to have the ability to have investments, but there’s a lot of work and stress that goes into that. Most people don’t do it very well. We were useless, because we didn’t really know what we were doing.

What’s great about Henwood is that they have a comprehensive approach. It makes sense. Leave investing to the experts; that’s what they’re good at.

Don’t waste your time. It’s yours to enjoy.