Retireability: How To Transition From Corporate Executive To Retiree

Retireability is an essential read for executives who are planning their retirement or are already retired. Written by our Managing Director, Nicholas Platt, Retireability is the ultimate “how to retire successfully” guide.

The book provides lifestyle, emotional and financial guidance, designed to improve the likelihood of a seamless transition from work into retirement, as well as strategies that will help retiring executives to design their own ideal life after work.

Nick sincerely believes this book will educate, inspire thought and provoke action that will help you to seamlessly transition into a retirement of your choosing.

Retireability launch event

The Retireability book was recently launched at an event attended by clients of Henwood Court who Nick and the team have helped to retire successfully. Watch the video below to discover some of their insights, then click the link on the right to order the book.

Nick's book reflects the way he operates. It's concise, punchy and thought-provoking. A great guide for senior executives navigating the mysteries of retirement planning.

Dick Elsy CBE

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Retireability shows you how to plan for and then embrace retirement, allowing you to leave past glories behind and look forward to a life of planned new purpose and meaning.

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