Who we work with

Our client commitment is simple: We are going to care about you, and be more personally devoted to your financial success than anyone in the world.

Nicholas PlattManaging Director

Whether you’re still enjoying a thriving career, running a successful business, or feel ready to retire, having enough money to move on to the next stage is an issue that resonates with every person we work with.

We all want to know we can enjoy our ideal lifestyle, free from money worries, once we move into retirement. Simultaneously, our clients want to enjoy life now. They know that life is short. They want to make sure they can say “I’m glad I did”, not “I wish I had”.

Our clients tend to be based in the Midlands. We like our clients to join us here at Henwood Court, our beautiful offices in Sutton Coldfield; it’s a relaxed yet professional setting that lends itself perfectly to the focused conversations we will have.

We find our clients are often like us; friendly, open people, happy to form a trusting relationship.

With this in mind, the people we typically work with are:

Senior executives
Life as a senior executive is as fast-paced as it is rewarding. Whether you’re approaching retirement or have a different financial issue, such as a recent inheritance, redundancy or questions surrounding tax planning, the demanding nature of your role at work can leave little time for financial planning. We can help.

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Business owners
As a business owner, your time and energy can be pulled in multiple directions. From work, to home, to employees, to family, there are plenty of people and projects relying on you. Organising financial matters, as well as the future of your business and your family, is often forced to take the back seat. We can help.

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