Who we work with

At Henwood Court, we work with “normal people done well”.

By “normal people done well” we mean you will have accumulated wealth, have needs that are sometimes complex, you are busy with work and life, and need a trusted adviser who can handle the financial tasks you need to delegate. Your aim will be to ensure dangers are eliminated and opportunities are captured.

Our client bank is made up of executives, tax and legal professionals, retirees and many successful and established business owners.

As the owner of an established and successful business, you will have specific needs and particular challenges when it comes to planning your future.

You might be wondering:

“You cannot compare them to my previous advisers, as what we get is so much more and so much better…They’re not the best at what they do, they’re the only ones that do what they do.”

Dean Harper

Business Owner

If these are the kinds of thoughts you are having then we may be able to help.

About us

We are a multi-award winning, lifestyle-based Chartered financial planning and wealth management boutique.

We specialise in helping established, successful business owners in the third phase of their business cycle, understand what their best life looks like and crucially, we help them to live it.

We’re here to help you achieve more satisfaction and meaning in your life and give you a greater sense of control over your wellbeing.

Working with us, you’ll also receive access to an evidence-based investment strategy – Portfoliosense® – A smarter way to manage your money.

Henwood Court team


Our clients achieve results through our Financialsense® Coaching Programme, a money concierge service that aligns your personal and business finances.

Financialsense® will:

  • Give you access to your own dedicated expert team who will take care of you and your family’s finances, helping you to create, protect and distribute your wealth
  • Enable you to get financially well-organised, save you money, and make you money
  • Save you time – perhaps your most precious asset
  • Deliver “carefrontation”, acting as a coach, counsel, and critical friend
  • Provide a “Second Opinion Service” on matters outside of financial advice
  • Help you to define what your best life looks like and define your purpose; what you want to do with the time you have left on this planet.

How it works

We will plan out the best version of your life, check it is affordable with the help of sophisticated cashflow planning technology, and develop an understanding of your current and projected future assets and resources.

We will model alternative scenarios to show you what you could achieve by making smaller, or larger, changes. And we will build you a personalised financial plan that outlines what remuneration you need from your business to achieve your goals and a create a financial strategy to achieve this life.

Ongoing support

We will check in on your life and financial plan at regular intervals to keep you on track with the inevitable changes in circumstances and objectives.

The benefits to you

You will see many benefits from engaging with the Financialsense® Coaching Programme.

Our clients say that working with us gives them:

  • Relief that they have a financial life plan in place, and an expert team working with them to execute the plan and keep them on track
  • The ability to make smarter financial decisions, dealing with issues and taking advantage of opportunities
  • Greater tax efficiency
  • Money savings and better returns on investments through access to our evidence-based investment strategy – Portfoliosense®
  • Peace of mind that in the event of your death or medical incapacity the business and your family are financial safeguarded, and the business can carry on as normal
  • Decreased sense of loneliness at the top with access to peer support through Businesssense® – our network of business owners
  • A sense of freedom and confidence, knowing that it is possible to walk away from the business, with financial independence at a time of their choosing with a flexible exit strategy and Succession Plan

A sense that Henwood Court are part of the family, working to provide not only financial freedom for you, but multi-generational financial freedom benefiting from your hard work.

What our clients say

But don’t just take our word for it…

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