People approaching retirement

Man standing on cliff with arms outstretched

You’re probably thinking

“Do I have enough money to do everything I want to in retirement?”

“What income will my pensions and investments give me?”

“Will I be able to pass on my wealth to others tax-fee?”

“Are my investments performing well enough for what I need?”

“I want to enjoy my new life sooner rather than later!”

Whether you’re steadily approaching retirement, or you’re ready to retire fairly soon, deciding how to arrange your finances can be a huge burden. You want to ensure all your hard work pays off. You want to know that the next phase of your life to be exciting and fulfilling and that you will be financially secure.

Our experienced team of financial planners in Sutton Coldfield are here to help you identify your aspirations, and work with you to ensure you achieve them.

  • We’ll help you understand your dreams and aspirations for the future and help you not just financially, but also emotionally as you adjust from work to retirement
  • We’ll build a bespoke financial plan to help make them a reality
  • We’ll help understand the value of your investments, pensions and savings and how they can be put to work to deliver your dreams and aspirations
  • We’ll make sure your capital is working as hard as possible while remaining as tax-efficient as possible

So, if you’re ready to get your financial future sorted if you’re ready to partner with an award-winning, Chartered financial planner, if you’re ready to build a relationship with an amazing, friendly and passionate team: Then it sounds like you’re ready for Henwood Court.

Gaye Morris

I felt an instantaneous connection with Henwood and the way they operate their business as they have a totally customer-centric and relationship-based approach.

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