People who have already retired

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You’re probably thinking

“I want to make sure I have enough money to fund my lifestyle through retirement, living the life I want to live, helping my family but preserving enough to pay for any necessary care”

“I’m concerned that my wealth might not be invested in the right place”

“I want to pass on my wealth at some point to my loved ones, but not pay unnecessary tax”

“I’m worried about the cost of care in my old age”

“I want to get on with living my retirement and delegate the management of my financial affairs to someone I can trust particularly when I have died – someone who will look after my spouse and engage with my children”.

Retirement should be one of the most rewarding periods of your life. It’s all about having a sense of purpose to wake up to in the morning and enough money to sleep at night.  

We understand that you’ll have your own unique financial and life challenges that you encounter in your retirement, and with the support network provided by work gone, it can sometimes feel big decisions are falling just on your shoulders. Here’s how we can help:

  • We’ll help you understand your goals and aspirations. Then we’ll put a plan in place to ensure you achieve them
  • We’ll review that plan regularly to ensure it stays on track too, providing professional advice, the support provided by your very own team and a sounding board helping you to make the right decisions
  • We’ll work to create smarter investment strategies and to mitigate Inheritance Tax as much as we can so that more of your money goes to your family
  • We’ll help you leave a legacy you can be proud of, fully in line with your wishes, with advice and support for you and generations to come

All of this will help us to help you enjoy the later life you’ve always dreamed of.

So, if you’re ready to get your financial future sorted if you’re ready to partner with an award-winning, Chartered financial planner if you’re ready to build a relationship with an amazing, friendly and passionate team: Then it sounds like you’re ready for Henwood Court.

Chris Rinaldi

I have known Nick over 15 years, and he is both very professional and personable at the same time, not at all pushy with his views. The whole team he has gathered around him appear to share the same ethos.

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