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There is nothing wrong with working hard and putting in long hours, particularly if you are totally engaged and passionate about your work. Indeed, it may have got you to where you are today.

But in doing so it has probably given you the worst preparation for retirement – that is if you actually want to stop working:

  • Are you obsessed with work above all else?
  • Do you portray workaholic traits?

Take this simple test to find out.

The emotional readiness to retire test

1. How many hours per week do you typically work?

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2. How many evenings (after 6pm) do you typically work per week?

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3. How many hours do you typically work on a weekend?

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4. How often do you get home from work, have dinner, and then work again before bed, even if just checking a few e-mails?

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5. How many hours do you work each day when you are meant to be on holiday?

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