About us

You cannot compare them to my previous advisers, what we get is so much more and so much better…They’re not the best at what they do, they’re the only ones that do what they do.

Dean HarperBusiness Owner

We are an independent, lifestyle-based firm of award-winning wealth managers and Chartered Financial Planners in Sutton Coldfield, Birmingham. We work in partnership with clients throughout the UK.

Our approach is simple: It’s not about the money.

Yes, we deliver expert financial advice.

Yes, we’re a Chartered, award-winning financial planner.

Yes, we’re packed full of experts on tax, pensions, investments etc.

But what it’s really all about is you.

The advice you need

We do so much more than simply provide advice on tax savings and investments. We’re financial and lifestyle planners; that means we’re here to coach and help you through major decisions. We’ll challenge and push you when you need it, and inspire you every step of the way.

The solutions you can trust.

Because we get to know you so well, you can rest assured that any solution we put forward is what’s best for you. Our people are experts in their field and we’re proud to be Chartered Financial Planners recognised with multiple awards. We offer independent, honest advice based on what we know is best for you and pride ourselves on delivering ultimate confidence and peace of mind.

The people you’ll love.

We love working with each other and our clients seem to love us too. Many of our clients refer to us as their ‘number on the fridge’ the second person that a member of their family would call in the event of an emergency. There’s no bigger compliment than that! Whether it’s tea and biscuits at our lovely offices or wining and dining in our favourite restaurants, we’re proud to be part of our clients’ lives and see the positive impact we make.

Creating your tomorrow