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We are a multi-award-winning, lifestyle-based Chartered financial planning and wealth management business.


We’re committed to fulfilling your visions

We are a Chartered, award-winning firm that delivers expert financial advice. Although we are experts on tax, pensions, investments and wealth management, our approach doesn’t focus on money. What it’s really about is you. We want to achieve your goals and visions for the future. Our team will work with you to ensure we do just that.

What we do

Our Purpose

Our overriding purpose is to help you navigate your way to retirement or exit your business. We want to see you enjoy the fruits of your labour and live a fulfilling life into retirement.

Our unique Financialsense® Discovery Programme is how we get to know you. It creates a bespoke financial master plan to address your immediate advice needs and design a strategy to achieve your objectives.

As part of our ongoing Financialsense® service, we will meet with you regularly to review and update your plan.

We implement financial strategies designed to:

  • Build your wealth so you can achieve financial freedom
  • Maintain your wealth so you can enjoy a fulfilling lifestyle into retirement, ensuring you always have enough
  • Distribute your wealth to those you love.
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Meet our team

We only deliver top-quality service

Each planner only works with a handful of clients at any time so you’re getting a dedicated service. You’ll have your own experienced and highly qualified team of experts working with you from outset, including your own Chartered Financial Planner, a Client Service Specialist or Associate to get everything organised, and a technician. You’ll also have access to our professional alliances who are the best in their class.

We get to know you on a personal level and will be here to give you the attention you need. You’ll always find a high level of comprehensiveness within everything we do.

Nick Platt

About Nick

Managing Director & chartered financial planner

Jason Ashman

About Jason

Director & Chartered Financial Planner

Victoria Platt

About Victoria

Client Relationship Director

Helen Allen

About Helen

Chartered Financial Planner

Peter Robbins

About Peter

Investment & Technical Manager

Adrian Cutler

About Adrian

Non executive adviser

Anthony Richards

About Anthony

Chartered Financial Planner

Sarah Ryley

About Sarah

Financial Planner

Simon White

About Simon

Chartered Financial Planner

Katherine Woolley

About Katherine

Technical Assistant

Yvonne Till

About Yvonne

Client Service Associate

Lynette Coffey

About Lynette

Technical Client Associate

Lee Oliver

About Lee

Associate Financial Planner

Laura Smith

About Laura

Client Service Associate

Lenea Appleby

About Lenea

Client Service Associate

Peter Roberts

About Peter

Client Service Associate

Jo McCreadie

About Jo

Client Service Associate

Naomi Banks

About Naomi

Associate Financial Planner

John Wright

About John

Compliance Consultant

Elliot Newton

About Elliot

Associate Financial Planner

Stephen Heslegrave

About Stephen

Associate Financial Planner

Our value guarantee

Getting much more for your money

We pride ourselves in doing far more than just portfolio management. Our Financialsense® programme is designed to provide service, care and attention, resulting in far more value than typical advisory or wealth management fees will deliver – that is our value guarantee.

Our values

Hunger for knowledge

Care for clients and colleagues

Fanatical attention to consistency and detail

Passionate for the best

The best thing about working with Henwood Court is their personal care and attention. They look after us as people – we’re not just another client, but part of their wider business and their business family.

John Booth

Client stories

Let our clients do the talking

Dominic & Jane Facci

We didn’t get here by accident. We had help from Henwood. We feel incredibly lucky and fortunate to have this time.

Dominic & Jane Facci

Douglas Cave

If I was to have planned what I would want from a service, Nick and his team have ticked every box.

Douglas Cave

Joe & Jessica Barker

We can rest assured that the decisions we are making are good ones and that our family and children are going to be looked after.

Joe & Jessica Barker

John Booth

We’re heading in a much better direction than we’d ever get to with another financial adviser. It’s not too strong to say it has changed our lives.

John Booth

Mark Harris

A business owner should engage with a financial planner at the earliest opportunity so they build up a relationship and have a support network behind them.

Mark Harris

Ian & Lou Farnworth

Some of the questions Nick was asking us were much broader than just looking at finances, he was looking at lifestyle choices.

Ian & Lou Farnworth

Andrew & Diane Messenger

Henwood really has helped us to live the life we want. All the staff know us and give us a warm welcome whenever we go there and I trust the whole team for their knowledge.

Andrew & Diane Messenger

Malcolm & Cynthia Pollard

All the people we deal with make you feel like you’re the only person they deal with. They’re very individual in the way they handle your issues.

Malcolm & Cynthia Pollard

Dick Elsy

I’ve been impressed by the way Nick has chosen to work with a select number of higher value clients, which means the business can deliver a highly personal service.

Dick Elsy

Andy & Trudy Cooke

One of our friends had recommended Henwood and we were immediately impressed.

Andy & Trudy Cooke

John & Sarah Glasgow

We always get the impression that the whole team at Henwood have our best interests at heart and are focused on what we want to do, rather than pushing products and services.

John & Sarah Glasgow

Gaye Morris

I felt an instantaneous connection with Henwood and the way they operate their business. They have a totally customer-centric and relationship-based approach.

Gaye Morris

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