An essential read for executives who are planning their retirement or are already retired – download your copy for free.


Your guide to retirement

Written by our Managing Director, Nicholas Platt, Retireability is the ultimate ‘how to retire successfully’ guide.

The book provides lifestyle, emotional and financial guidance, designed to improve the likelihood of a seamless transition from work into retirement, as well as strategies that will help retiring executives to design their own ideal life after work. Nick sincerely believes this book will educate, inspire thought and provoke action that will help you to seamlessly transition into a retirement of your choosing.

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Launch event highlights

Retireability was launched at an event attended by clients who Nick and the team have helped to retire successfully. Watch the video below to discover some of their insights, then claim your free copy.

I’ve been impressed by the way Nick has chosen to work with a select number of higher value clients, which means the business can deliver a highly personal service.

Dick Elsy


Retireability: A Play

In March 2023, we turned Retireability from a book into a play for our Businesssense® event. It starred Jeremy Drakes as Mark, a CEO who has been working hard his whole life to build his business, often at the expense of his life. A few midlife moments of hard truths make him reconsider his trajectory. We recorded the entire play for you to watch back and enjoy in your own time.


Free Downloads

Retireability book

Download your free copy of Nick Platt's essential read for executives planning their retirement or already retired.

Retireability Workbook

Use this workbook alongside your copy of Retireability to help with your life and financial retirement planning.

Know your number

Fill out this sheet to establish your current expenditure and find out how much you'll have at retirement.

Introduction to Henwood Court Coaching

Discover more about our coaching programme and how it can benefit you during retirement.

The Smart Executives Guide

Practical pointers to help you consider what retirement will mean to you, and a simple four-step plan.

The successful established business owner (SEBO)

Four steps to successfully exiting your business and enjoying a thriving retirement.

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