Client stories

Our commitment to you is simple: we care about you and will be more personally devoted to your financial success than anyone else.

We’re extremely proud of the work we do. Our dedication to each client, their family and aspirations is evident in their success.

Andrew and Diane Messenger

"Henwood really have helped us to live the life we want. All the staff know us and give us a warm welcome whenever we go there and I trust the whole team for their knowledge."

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Dick Elsy

"I’ve been impressed by the way Nick has chosen to work with a select number of higher value clients, which means the business can deliver a highly personal service."

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Dominic & Jane Facci

"We didn’t get here by accident. We had help from Henwood. We feel incredibly lucky and fortunate to have this time."

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Andy and Trudy Cooke

"One of our friends had recommended Henwood and we were immediately impressed."

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Malcolm & Cynthia Pollard

"Nick is a good listener, and that’s something you find across the team at Henwood Court; they listen."

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John and Sarah Glasgow

"We always get the impression that the whole team at Henwood have our best interests at heart and are focused on what we want to do, rather than pushing products and services."

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Chris Rinaldi

"I have known Nick over 15 years. He is both very professional and personable at the same time; not at all pushy with his views. The whole team he has gathered around him appear to share the same ethos."

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Gaye Morris

"I felt an instantaneous connection with Henwood and the way they operate their business. They have a totally customer-centric and relationship-based approach."

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Adrian Cutler

"They are approachable, available and extremely well thought through and considered in the terms they recommend."

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