Helen’s Easter message

I produce, with help from resources provided by others, our weekly church newsletter (Victoria thinks it’s challenging getting the Henwood Court monthly one prepared!). In our all-age worship at church in February, members of the congregation, young and old, thought of things that we can be thankful to God for, we then challenged them to think of things that we can do to show love to our planet and also to those around us; throughout the period of Lent, through the weekly newsletter we continued the theme and challenged ourselves to think about ways we can better “Love our Planet”.  

Our challenges through the weeks, focused on our use of transport, water, energy, waste, shopping thoughtfully and improving biodiversity. Everything we do, no matter how small, is a vital contribution to the greater effort to reduce the effects of Climate Change on our planet. Of course, none of us can escape the headlines of rising fuel prices, and perhaps in an effort to reduce our costs, this will have the consequential effect of going some way to reducing our carbon footprint; I can remember two years ago when we were all forced to stay at home during the early weeks of the coronavirus pandemic, how lovely it was to hear bird song around our town homes and that the air around us was a little less polluted due to less traffic on the roads.  

This year, the season of Lent has been one of reflection around Climate Change, but also disbelief of all that is happening in Ukraine. Easter Sunday is now behind us and those that gave up chocolate for Lent will no doubt have indulged in an Easter Egg, or two; for Christians, Easter gives us hope, strength and courage to move on. We know that Easter does not bring a Disney ending when everyone lives happily ever after, but we know we are never alone and we can all support one another through tough times.  

Of course, Henwood Court is here to support you with your financial decisions, with help, support and guidance we can ride-out the storms thrown at us by rising inflation, Brexit and the conflict in Ukraine, you/we are never alone. 

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