How we work

Maximise your return on life.

Great financial planning can transform people’s lives, that’s why we love it. Whether it’s your dream car, dream holidays, or simply spending more time with the family; we exist to inspire ideas, and provide you with the financial confidence and capability to live the life you want. We always say to our clients ‘we will make sure your money outlives you, but you don’t die with too much’.

“Our client commitment is simple. We are going to care about you and be more personally devoted to your financial success than anyone in the world.”

Nicholas PlattHenwood Managing Director
1. Introductory meeting
Very simply, this is when we discover whether we’re right for you and you’re right for us. We’ll explain how we work, how we charge and consider if we can add value to your life and improve your financial performance for you and your family. 
2. Understanding your story
This is important, because we feel that to plot a way forward, we need to clearly understand how you have arrived at where you are today.
3. Build your Life Plan
At this stage we’ll consider what’s important to you, your priorities in life and help you clearly identify your life goals. We’ll then chart a course from where you are today to where you want to go. This Life Plan provides the map to ensure the directions and the decisions we make on your financial affairs are the right ones from outset.
4. Build Your Financial Plan
The focus of your financial plan is to identify the amount of money you need to achieve financial security, whatever happens. Then, it considers the amount needed to live the life you wish to live without having to work and earn. We use sophisticated cash flow software to look at various scenarios all designed to help develop your own strategy for achieving and/or maintaining financial security and freedom.
5. Wealth Management - Your Resources
Once we’ve agreed your financial strategy, we’ll analyse your investments, pensions, estate planning and tax position, to ensure these are suitable and fully mobilised and optimised to achieve your life objectives. We’ll identify financial issues and address these, and ensure all financial opportunities are maximised.
6. Ongoing Support
We know that successful financial planning and the achievement of your goals requires an ongoing relationship; a combination of professional advice and coaching. On an ongoing basis, you’ll have unlimited access to your dedicated and proactive team, as well as scheduled review meetings to discuss your financial progress and any changes to your circumstances, lifestyle or goals. If your goals change or you experience any bumps in the road, we’ll be there to get things back on track.

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