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If so …..look no further than Henwood Court .

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Henwood Court is different.

We won’t be so bold to say it is special, better or unique. That is for our clients and team to comment on.

But we are different;

Which means that we are not right for every prospect or perhaps more pertinent not right for all who apply to join us.

We operate in a niche way.


Read and watch what our clients say

A new recruit to Henwood Court made us proud with the following

So, what makes us different:

Henwood Court’s central purpose is to be 100% committed to help clients live a better life by helping them to make smart financial decisions. Yes, that’s right, we want happier clients not just richer clients…

This is a big, big statement and an even bigger challenge, but one we are all fully committed to achieving.

We believe every client “enjoys a better life by being a client of Henwood Court”

We are proud of the testimonials below

So, what is different? What sets us apart?

Henwood Court has pioneered lifestyle financial planning now for over 15 years through our financial life planning process – Financialsense®

This money concierge service provides time with and for clients and is a truly unique and enjoyable way to manage client relationships.

How do we achieve this…by recognising that our people are our most valuable asset and therefore we only employ the best and those who buy into and want to be part of the Henwood Court Way.

We care for our clients & care about our team.

We strive for our people to develop the lifestyle they want through the richness that a rewarding career can deliver, fully supporting development and the opportunity to do stuff they love, having time to care for clients and career progression.

Every team member has a say in how we run our business, everyone’s voice is heard.

Our culture is very special and unique, this requires hard work, dedication & commitment

This in turn fosters and earns true trust and mutual respect from our clients – something we dearly treasure. One of our clients called this a ‘Professional Friendship’ – a perfect description of the trusted relationship we have with our clients.

The difference we make in our client’s lives is plain to see. But we take this for granted. That’s because, to work at Henwood Court, you have to be special, you have to be good and you have to care, not just for your clients, but for your team. Team members that fit this culture can look forward to a secure well rewarded career, flexibility, trust and to work within an organisation they can be proud to represent.

So, if you are intrigued by:

  • Our Story
  • Our culture
  • You would like to be part of a truly High Performing Team
  • You want a career
  • You are client centric and got a real buzz from what our clients say about us we may be the right organisation for you ???

We have a range of opportunities at Henwood Court for seasoned professionals to new comers looking to join our profession.

To take your next step and have an informal chat please call the office and ask for Anna or if you prefer e-mail –

Henwood court

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