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It's not about the money.
That might seem like an odd thing for a financial planner to say, but it sums up our approach.
We’re all about you.

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Maximise your return on life.

We want to know your worries, your dreams, your aspirations, and your ambitions. Then we’ll use our experience, knowledge and expertise to not just make it financially possible, but to give you the peace of mind and confidence to go and live the life you want.

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Who we work with

We work with people looking to achieve and maintain financial independence. Our clients are often within 10 years of their retirement, at the point of their retirement, or into retirement, and partner with us so they can make smart decisions around investments, pensions, tax and estate planning.

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We prefer client smiles to awards any day, but luckily we have both.

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What our clients say

“The level of care and service is exemplary from all the team, and we truly feel that our finances are in order for us and our wider family. This brings peace of mind, and we are very happily following Henwood Court's instructions to take more holiday!

Finally, I can honestly say that I can't think of a way in which the team could be more helpful or professional. The service level should be an example to all.”

John Booth (MD) & Dr Alison Booth

“We have only been with Henwood Court for 18 months but have achieved much. The initial review of our circumstances by Henwood Court was very thorough and professional covering investments, tax, wills, trusts etc. As a result we thought deeply about what our priorities were financially, personally and for our children. Working with Henwood Court we have successfully refocused our finances and are very happy that we can enjoy our retirement with confidence. Henwood Court take the trouble to understand a family's personal circumstances. They are always available and offer a professional but informal and friendly service.”

David & Kathy Greenfield


“Nick is a great pleasure to work with. Like many business people I struggle to make time for important things like my financial future but Henwood Court takes the pain out of all that!

Their approach is always tailored to my individual and changing needs - it's never 'one size fits all' - and as a result I have great confidence that I stand a chance of meeting my lifestyle goals and ambitions with their good advice and guidance.”

Nichola Balmer

“I've spoken to many financial & tax advisers - they always seem to make it so complicated and expensive. Nick Platt at Henwood Court provided a completely different experience. Easy to understand, value for money advice I can trust, and a simple financial solution including access to low-cost investments. Now the issues of protecting my capital, earning more from my savings in retirement and reducing my IHT liabilities are left to Henwood Court and I can get on with enjoying my retirement.”

Andrew Messenger

“Working with Henwood Court has made a previously painful experience actually quite enjoyable...allowing me to plan ahead with focus and purpose - thank you all”

Tony Dubberley

“When we retired a few years ago we were worried that we could maintain our desired lifestyle given all the uncertainty. However, Henwood Court helped to get us organised, provided expert advice and implemented strategies that have given us confidence to get on with our lives safe with the knowledge that Henwood Court are managing our pension and investments. They even encouraged us to spend more money!!

Thank you for everything.”

Brian & Val Martin

“Having been dissatisfied with my previous adviser I was recommended to speak to Henwood Court via my accountant. He said they were hungry, young, highly qualified, and very proactive at getting the best from the investment markets.

Having now been with them for almost ten years I am more than satisfied with the progress they have made on my portfolio and the advice they have given to me for the benefit of my personal lifestyle.”

Richard Deakin

“Going to see Henwood Court is like going for counselling, and what we mean is it forces you to think about and prioritise what is important in your life - so many of us are too busy to do this. Henwood Court gives you the time and the opportunity to align your life's goals with your financial plan and clearly demonstrate and indeed encourage you to do what it is you would like to do.

Henwood Court have acted as our trusted guide allowing us to plan with confidence into the future and have provided reassurance and security. Thank you.”

Malcolm & Cynthia Pollard

“We were recommended to Henwood Court by a colleague which was motivated by our wish to retire and the diagnosis of a serious medical condition. Henwood Court took a comprehensive look not just at all our finances, but our hopes and aspirations, creating a financial plan that confirmed we could retire and have sufficient money to fund more than a decent retirement.

As a direct result of the advice, we have retired, sold our house and relocated to the coast. Working with Henwood Court is the best thing we have ever done with our finances.”

David & Vanessa Cole

“My wife and I have been clients of Henwood Court since we retired 14 years ago. We cannot praise them enough for their exceptionally high level of professionalism, technical backup, customer focus and responsiveness. At the start of our relationship we were challenged to think deeply about what we wanted to achieve in our retirement as our "life goals". A major part of this was an in-depth review of our risk tolerances. They have supported us all the way, providing the essential tools required to analyse our financial situation and explore alternative scenarios. We now have in place a dynamic investment strategy that fully supports our "life goals". Regular structured review meetings with our financial advisor help us to keep on track and respond effectively to new challenges going forward. Henwood Courts' financial planning advice is underpinned by access to internationally recognised expertise which has opened up investment and diversification opportunities that are not readily available to the open market. In addition, they use an award-winning Platform that provides a wide range of services including enabling clients to track investments and view transactions online. What really impresses us about the whole team is their professionalism and the desire to continually improve their knowledge and skills through a programme of continuous professional development. At the same time, they are friendly and approachable and a pleasure to do business with. We believe that this has contributed significantly to Henwood Court being voted one of the top 100 New Model Advisors for the last few years. We have recommended Henwood Court to friends and family and will continue to do so.”

Jim & Carol Hallam

“Financial planning was something new to me; I had always wished that my various work and private pensions were consolidated and easier to understand but had never got round to doing something about it.

From the moment we met Jason at Henwood Court everything was simplified. He took the time (repeatedly) until we understood all of our options and now we have a clear financial future.

I would heartily recommend Henwood Court.

Anne Jones