Hybrid – a new way of working 

As the summer draws to a close and with it the holiday season ending, we are delighted to welcome the increasing number of clients choosing to attend The Cruck Barn for meetings.  However, it seems that as for many businesses “hybrid” is our new buzz word in this post lockdown age. 

 The team have overall, where their role allows, spent some of their week working at home and some in the office.  We find this approach works well in allowing team members the opportunity to be in the office to interact with colleagues and clients whilst benefiting from all the advantages that home-working offers.  

 Also, over the last few weeks, we have enjoyed welcoming an increasing number of clients back to The Cruck Barn for face-to-face meetings.  With clients appreciating the benefit of coming into the Barn to allow then to fully focus on their Review – away from the familiarity and distractions of home or office. 

 For those clients coming into the office, we reassure that we consciously maintain our mitigation methods to reduce risk of any Covid-19 transmission. 

 Office cleanliness remains high on the agenda, hand sanitiser is available throughout the office, and we encourage all visitors to sign in using the test and trace app.  Staff sign in daily and are required to record regular lateral flow tests.  We also find many of our clients have chosen to test before their meeting. 

 Both meeting rooms are now equipped with appropriate air purifiers and windows opened where possible – providing fresh air ventilation.  We continue to explore the possibility of sympathetically adding a window to the downstairs meeting room – a challenge in a historic building. 

 We do however recognise that for some clients Zoom may continue to be a preferred method of meeting with the team.  The events of the past year and half have had some benefits – of which our ability to effectively conduct remote review meetings, where appropriate, is one.  Whilst we would always prefer to meet with you face-to-face, please do advise the team if you feel more comfortable meeting remotely. 

 We continue to monitor the current situation both locally and nationally and are committed to following latest advice and best practice to keep clients, visitors, and colleagues safe. 

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