Passport Pitfalls: Not Expired DOESN’T Mean Valid 

If you plan to finally enjoy exploring foreign shores read this brief overview of current passport rules.  Several cases have hit social media over the last few weeks of travellers falling foul of relying on the expiry date on their passport!  Like me you’ll probably be thinking but surely that is what an expiry date is for?  Apparently not. 

 The website clarifies that you should check that your passport is no older than 10 years old on the day after you travel – so less than ten years post issue.  Not within its expiry date. 

 On occasion a passport will be issued with additional time – perhaps you apply for a new passport before your old passport expires and the months remaining on the old passport are added to the new – this could be an issued passport with more than ten years on the passport, for example an issue date of 30 June 2011 and an expiry date of 30 September 2021.  This passport will be invalid to travel to many European Countries after 28 June 2021. 

 A quick check for stress free travel: 

  • on the day you travel have at least 6-months left on your passport 
  • on the day after you travel your passport should be less than 10-years old. 

 For further information see Passport rules for travel to Europe – GOV.UK ( 

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