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Our new staff members are commencing their training on Prestwood Software our back-office system

Tracey, Declan, Matt, Lisa and Carmen have now all attended a one-day Level 1 Training Session on Prestwood and all returned to the office with very positive thoughts and keen to put their new knowledge to the test.

What does the training mean to you as a client?

Key areas for Level 1 training cover;

Creating Clients – when you choose Henwood Court as your Financial Partner, Prestwood comes into its own.  Gathering the information the Advisor obtained at the initial Introductory session the Administrator begins to load the data onto Prestwood from the basics; name/address/telephone/email – you are born…….

Fact Finding – now we start to dig a little bit deeper with the information given.  An introductory to catastrophes and scenarios with key dates is used to grow our knowledge of you and help with the understanding and planning of your finances/plans

The Networth Statement – a detailed view of your assets – always puts a smile on the face…very few realise their true worth!

Income Statement – what do you bring to the table and what are the tax implications – always an interesting conversation

Expenditure Statement – how much do you spend.  This does take some time but well worth the efforts.  This will show the importance of Income vs Expenditure

The Cash-Flow Statement – an explanation of how your cash flows, specifically around “key dates” i.e. a child getting married/house renovations/retirement!

‘What If’ Scenarios – if you choose to go on an all inclusive around the world cruise, how would this impact on your cash flow?  Can I retire at 55 (we can dream!) the ‘What If’ scenarios can be built into your plan to show any scenarios you throw at us.

All in all a great piece of software….it’s like “Build a Bear” but we are building a client with a journey to explore and fulfil……

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A Warm Welcome to Carmen, Matt, Tracey, Lisa & Declan



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