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Retirement Ready Workshop – 9th December (5-6pm)

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This interactive workshop will bring to life Nick’s book; Retireability – The Executives Guide to Thriving in Retirement

It will focus on how individuals can improve their chances of a smooth transition from work into retirement and focus on some key steps you can take to get emotionally and financially ready for Retirement.


1. Steps you can take now that will help you become more emotionally ready for retirement and avoid retirement shock

2. How to create a simple life plan that helps you understand what you want to do with your life after work so you enter this exciting phase of your life with true purpose and clarity about what a great retirement will look and feel like. Resources and tools will be provided to attendees to help with post webinar planning.

3. How to build a financial plan that will provide the funds you need to live the life you want into Retirement

4. How to manage your money into retirement including budgeting, high level investment strategies and multi-generational planning


There will also be plenty of time throughout the event for you to put your questions about the things which are important to you but you are also able to forward these in advance if you so wish by emailing Yvonne Till


Those within ten years of retirement or early retirees.

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