Why it’s crucial to maintain a personal touch as your business expands

If your business is enjoying expansion opportunities at the moment, this achievement should not be understated. During the pandemic, many businesses were forced to pare down their expenditure and decrease in size – but now, new doors are opening for companies to thrive once again.

As the figurehead of your company, expanding your business could mean a few different things. First, it could mean increased profit, and a company-wide scaling-up of your team, physical and digital infrastructure, and your administrative responsibilities.

Secondly, and perhaps on the downside of things, it could also mean your business is at risk of becoming “faceless”. While this might sound extreme, losing your personal touch as your business expands could weaken your presence, ultimately contributing to a more corporate, less approachable feel.

If your company is growing, here’s why maintaining a personal touch is so important.

Maintaining a personal touch allows you to keep delivering on customer expectations

When running your own enterprise, it’s likely you have kept a close eye on your company’s operations since its inception. You may have personal, even years-long relationships with your clients or customers – something that’s not easy to build – but can unfortunately be one of the first things to go when your business expands.

This change can happen right under your nose. Indeed, in the blink of an eye you can shift from a “small business” model where you might have personal contact with customers on a regular basis, to a larger operation with a bigger team and fewer recognisable faces for your clients.

If your customers have come to expect the personal service your business provides, then this changing landscape will not go undocumented upon its expansion. Loyal clients may feel they have been “fobbed off” for shinier new ones if they lose contact with you, or no longer receive the specialist attention they have grown accustomed to.

So, it might be constructive to prioritise delivering on customer expectations, even if your business is growing. It could be beneficial to work with professionals who can help you structure your business to prioritise customer experience, allowing you to focus on maintaining a personal presence at work.

Research shows customers will pay more for great service

“But my business is slicker, more helpful, and has a greater reach than ever before,” you might be thinking. “My customers get everything they need when they contact us. So, what’s the issue?”

Even if this is the case, it’s important to remember that while outcomes might have even improved, loyal customers won’t necessarily feel 100% satisfied.

Indeed, research from the Institute of Customer Service shows that, as of January 2022, 34% of UK customers said they would “pay more for excellent service”. Crucially, this number has increased since the start of the pandemic; in 2020, the proportion of customers who said the same was just 25.9%.

No matter how well-trained your new recruits might be, if a customer has become used to having a relationship with you as the business owner, they may still feel your company’s customer service standards have slipped.

Instead, by keeping your face, voice, and presence at the forefront of client relationships, you can maintain that magic touch you bring to the table, while delegating other tasks to your team.

Don’t underestimate the power of a “bespoke” service for retaining loyal customers

You might have based your brand on the foundation of a “bespoke” service, and indeed, it could be that your customers value this over all else.

Your business may provide a service that your clients could find elsewhere. However, your personal touch – the little things they can’t find anywhere else – could be the key ingredient to retaining your longstanding clients.

For example, research from customer loyalty solutions provider Annex Cloud claims 33% of customers have abandoned a working partnership with a brand due to lack of personalisation. This personalisation can take two forms: your own levels of personal customer service; and providing a personalised experience to clients, too.

If you are a busy business owner considering ways to delegate responsibilities to others, it could be worth considering investing further time in client and customer relationships. If your bespoke service begins to become more widespread, clients are likely to seek out other similar services that can promise more on a personal level.

We can help you maintain a personal touch, even during the cost of living crisis
At Henwood Court, we can help you keep your finger on the pulse when it comes to your clients.

It’s understandable that you may be feeling anxious about client retention during the cost of living crisis, so we can help provide valuable peace of mind by reviewing your company’s financial circumstances. This way, you can prioritise what means most to you, while still making financially responsible choices.

Email info@henwoodcourt.co.uk or call 0121 313 1370 to find out more today.

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